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    Why are we thinking what should be right? Maybe they planned it this way to allow better clans to poach better players from all clans. Thats what Darian said at Dev video. Didnt he?

    Behind the scenes they probably have algoritms which is Aritificial Intelligence, which is based on machine learning and will match players based on your clan profile, stats, performance, participation into things. Like if you are Indian, it would only find you clashers form India.

    And if this is true, we just gotta patiently wait till we do a Clan Games, Clan War League and many events. So, this tool will have enough data collected.

    I am just wondering if we will be able to find 12 more CWL participants before next CWL starts. We been doing 30vs30 since it was introduced. And never had the trouble to recruiting enough from Global.

    I always ensured I find people from US, EU and AUS region and maybe from India but no BDs/Paks. I just checked if they are annoying with
    bro, plz, promote, co, donate, hurry, fast, bruh
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    Quote Originally Posted by HepGaming View Post
    To increase the efficiency of the new recruiting system, we need players who DO NOT want to be recruited/invited to turn their “Clan Invites” button to off. Right now, our recruiting lists are full of people who don’t want to leave their clans. Labeling one’s self as unavailable would make the recruiting list much more useful and prioritized. Perhaps the list could show if the player is already in a clan.

    Secondly, players need to have a Player Description in the same way that we have Clan Descriptions. We can only see the tags and the stats of each player, but personality is so important. I don’t want to accidentally invite a toxic person into my clan. The one good thing about Global was that we could chat a little to figure out if the person suited the personality of our clan. Even a short bio could help a lot.
    Yes please. This recruitment process is terrible.

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    I believe they could have done so much more with the new recruitment section:

    Clan Searching:
    1. Add an option to search clans using a minimum season donation amount. If I choose "40,000", it will only show me clans that donate have over 40,000 troop space donated a season.
    2. Add an option to select clan attacks done. So if I'm looking for an active clan, I choose say 1,000 attacks and will only get shown clans where the members have collectively done over 1000 attacks last season.

    Player Searching:
    1. Search by player TH level (when I tried to search, all I got was low TH players)
    2. Search by player country (when I tried to search, all I got was arabic and asian looking player names)
    3. Search by donations / XP
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    Not that the tags are a bad thing, but I think 3 is limited, maybe their should be a choice between them ex.
    Veteran / Amateur
    Friendly Wars/ Competitive Wars
    I'd like to see that as opposed to = clan wars, clan war league, competitive...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    The longer they wait the less sense it makes to change it, but they could change it I think. I assume they could switch everyone to off right now, at least the people in clans, and require us to turn it back to accepting invites if we want them.

    Thank you SC for doing this, I hope it helps.

    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Click here for answer on how cc troops deploy (hint, it depends) and more info here. How is war map placement of max halls determined you ask, check out threads like this one. Thank you SC for the new legends! I'd start it at 5500 and let farmers play 5000-5500, but overall it is a great improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clash8675 View Post
    This you would think would be a no brainer but it’s too late now. They can’t change it . It would have needed to be the first option. I’m honestly not sure why this would have been set this way. It makes no logical sense. But of all the things wrong with this recruitment tool, this is one of the few things they can’t realistically change. Sadly
    You were wrong

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    Yeah I did but it doesn’t really help. The clans that were showing yesterday were like actually good clans

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    I have confidence that the new tool will improve.
    I started this thread (Recruit from your league) as a way to help other clan leaders cope until the new tool gets enough tweaks to make it useful. Thread was merged into Mega thread to keep forums neat, although that does hide a useful suggestion from many eyes.

    To those fondly remembering global, recruiting there was a chore. I doubt that one in fifty that I tried from global lasted a day. Most hopped in and out on their own. Some forced me to kick them. Some joined, then ghosted until I kicked them a week later. Even those that stayed were often of questionable value to the clan. But on rare occasions you would find that one guy who was looking to leave a dead clan, and he might bring in his mini and a couple of friends.

    Recruiting has always been the toughest task in Clash. Grinding out walls, maxing heroes, lab upgrades all are a cinch compared to finding one good new clasher for war. And no amount of gems can speed this task along.
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    I truly believe the recruitment tool will improve over time. Please read my posts on this topic not as complaints, but as a polite request for improvement. Often I include a suggestion, or an observation of an existing function that could make the tool function.
    Before we throw the baby out with the bath, I would like to remind you that recruiting in global was no picnic either. Mostly hoppers, very few serious players.

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    How to recruit or join a Clan with same language speaking members ?

    Since they have removed global chat I need to know how to find people of same community. There is no use if I'm joining a clan if they dont speak my local language.

    Please share your thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilikepizza62 View Post
    So yesterday I was looking for a clan and today I still am. But yesterday I was seeing really good clans like level 14 and up that are good war clans (either from the US or actually international). Today, I’m seeing only level 3 clans that are all the “join bro please free co” clans and clans from like India, Myanmar, bd, toxic clans. What happened?
    The new and “improved” recruitment system is garbage

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