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    Book of everything

    In my opinion book of everything should be boook of anything and there can be a book of everything with which all the work in process in the home village gets completed which means everything under process gets complete when we use the book of everything and hence justifies name also

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    Like many book titles, the name reflects knowledge contained within the book itself. Spells and potions are traditionally named for the results of using the spell or potion. For example, a Love Spell use results in amorous desires. But a "Book of Everything to Repair your Car" contains knowledge of how to repair. Simply placing the book on the engine does not repair it! (As a car "repair potion" would, but not a book).

    The Book of Building contains knowledge of how to finish a structure instantaneously. The Book of Fighting contains knowledge of how to finish a troop upgrade instantly, etc... The Book of Everything contains everthing in all the other books! But, with one copy of the book, it cannot be used by all simultaneously, it cannot be at "multiple places referenced by multiple people" simultaneously. So you have to make a decision, do I give the one and only copy to a particular Builder to complete his ongoing build, or do I give it to the Lab to reference for their ongoing upgrade?
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