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Thread: Search option for players not in a Clan.

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    Search option for players not in a Clan.

    With the current search feature to recruit new members, you can add up to 3 labels to filter out players, but there is currently no option to omit players who are already in a clan.

    How about a check box for players to look for others who are clanless?

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    Also, language/region, Town Hall level, ect. to be taken in consideration. I know this feature just got added, but it seems like there are things that can be included to make it a more powerful tool.

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    Yeah this interface is clunky and lacking. I was hoping I'd be able to rejuvenate my dying clan but it looks like it won't help AT ALL.

    For the record, my clan started dying 2 years ago when SC "improved" the clan search feature to give preference to new clans. Before that update, I'd open our clan and it would fill to 50/50 within seconds. That was our primary method of recruitment. Nowadays I leave our clan open for 2 weeks and only about 0-3 new members find us and join.

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    Agree 100%. I just did a clan search using my 3 labels and found a ton of foreign clans, most with descriptions in other languages. As someone looking for a good CWL clan, I find this useless. I’m also not happy that clan info no longer shows the clans CWL ranking. I’d prefer a clan in high masters or champs. How will I easily find a clan? SC needs to rethink/ revamp this awful new tool.

    edit: found the stats tab for CWL ranking. Recruiting tool still sucks.
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    To increase the efficiency of the new recruiting system, we need players who DO NOT want to be recruited/invited to turn their “Clan Invites” button to off. Right now, our recruiting lists are full of people who don’t want to leave their clans. Labeling one’s self as unavailable would make the recruiting list much more useful and prioritized.

    Secondly, players need to have a Player Description in the same way that we have Clan Descriptions. We can only see the tags and the stats of each player, but personality is so important. I don’t want to accidentally invite a toxic person into my clan. The one good thing about Global was that we could chat a little to figure out if the person suited the personality of our clan. Even a short bio could help a lot.

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    Agree 100%.

    Time zone and language are essential.

    Players need a player description space. They can use it or not, but I would not invite someone without it, and I do not want to be invited by someone who doesn’t know anything about me.

    “Clan invites” should default to Off for people already in a clan. In fact, same as war opt in/out, SuperCell do not seem to understand the English meaning of Opt. Default opt in is a contradiction. There should be an unopted state.

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    I totally agree with you guys. I expected something useful but found something useless actually...
    If this is what we gonna use then it must get improved asap please.

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