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Thread: No new loading screen?

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    What is Halloween?

    Dear Clash of Clans,
    I am sorry, but I do not like this update. Where is the Halloween update artwork? Are you just not going to draw seasonal artwork and put it on the loading screen. I see the spooky ornaments and the skeleton king, but that isn't making the tone of the game any more festive than good artwork.

    Also, please bring back global chat. I can not ask anyone that's higher rank than me to give me attack strats and base design ideas.

    Next, the royal ghost is not good. He takes up 8 housing space and he turns invisible for 12 seconds. This power is not nearly as good as the Valkyries spin attack, which is far superior to the royal ghost. it's like having a melee version of the sneaky archers. I would prefer the sneaky archers.

    P.S. keep in mind this is an opinion. In know way do I claim my opinions as fact.

    Thank you,

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    The seasonal loading screens were one of my favorite parts. Seems SC is getting lazy with these now.
    No Halloween screen, and if I remember correctly, last years was just a reuse from the year before that.

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    This thread is quite old and at the time a new load screen may have been too early no? Not every update brings a new load screen, mayhaps they still plan to roll one out.

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    Thanksgiving Theme

    Any chance of us getting a Thanksgiving theme next month?

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    We’ll definitely get a Christmas one! Fingers crossed

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