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    app crashes at startup on Pixel Slate. Didn't you have this same issue last release??? I tried restarting and reinstalling, but still crashes. I sent a report via Google Play.

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    I have been playing clash of clans for ages on Bluestacks, just did the update and now it will not load, just quits

    What is wrong

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    Lost active guard during maintenance. I was unable to login to an account that should have had an active guard started due to the maintenance. I started update as soon as I saw it was available, but was raided as soon as I tried to access the account. Any active guard needs to be paused during maintenance. Or there needs to be some amount of time where players can get back into their accounts after an update if they had a shield before without getting raided.

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    Anyone else experiencing slowdown in Android ? I am on Android Marshmallow and after update it has slowed everything down. Darian look at this please.

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    Hey guys I am finding it difficult to open the clan for all, need some assistance here.

    Update: got it a clan mate helped. Ty
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    The game is no more fluid. My Samsung S7 lags when i swipe between the differents menus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    [*]The Quick Train slots being wiped was an unforeseeable bug that only appeared when the build went live and didn't show up when tested. Unfortunately, this cannot be reversed and army comp lists will have to be recreated by the players.[/LIST]
    I honestly don't care about that part...
    I had a bunch of old th5 strats that I never cleared out
    I only have one that I currently use but I use it so much I can recreate it from memory

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    My recruitment tab isn’t finding anyone ... even with “talkative” selected? Is it just me??

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    +1 to it crashing on Pixel Slate.

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    Posted already in bugs forum but no Amazon app store update for Fire OS yet
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