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    Quote Originally Posted by toggle57 View Post
    There are a huge number of complaints about the recruitment search not showing the search labels in the results and not showing who is in a clan and who isnít. It appears that the default was to set all players as looking for a clan rather than not looking - and allowing them to opt in. At least, I found that I had to explicitly opt out of the search.

    None of this is addressed in your post above... and its a BIG deal. Please address it in an update to the above post or point people to where they can find supercell has addressed it.
    SC is really surprising me with their tone-deaf response to the player base. Have they reverted back to their "DON'T CALL MY BABY UGLY" era?

    This "minor" change is a major disaster.

    When I attempt to recruit, I get NO players that are not in a high level clan. The majority of the players are co-leaders or leaders. I gave up after investigating about 20. When I came back a while later for another try, I recognized a bunch of the players from my previous search.


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    Still not working (after 2nd maintenance break).

    Im max th12 listed on global leaderboard. Cleared my invites from lvl 1 clans from before maintenance break #1. 20 minutes(edit: now about 12 hours) later no new invites(edit: a few invites from th6 lvl 1 clans. About 1 every few hours. But those may not even be thru search tool. And if they are, why would my max th12 show up for a th4 or th6 in a lvl 1 empty new clan?) . So it is still completely broken if nobody is finding me.

    When i search i can send same person invite over and over and it doesnt say ive already sent invite to them.
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    The well seasoned achievement shows people having 1 star when viewing there profile, even though they don’t have enough points to have 1 star

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    Still show same clans in tab list..
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    Also i just changed my language setting and got some of the same players in my search results. So that "behind the scenes" filter is not working either.

    This really needs optional filters. Id rather have 0 search results than 49 players i have to manually check every profile all day long and none of them qualify for our clans minimum requirements.
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    I don't think the boost pause is working. I boosted when the maintenance alert came up, but the boost is over with no orange glow. Anyone else have this happen?

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    The entire recruiting tool.

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    The achievements are messed up. When I look at numerous profiles, I see achievements completed but their stats indicate they haven’t come come to achieving them. For example, someone with 200 war stars is marked as fully completing the war hero achievement. Sorry if this has already been reported.

    The UX overall on the profile is not good - inconsistent spacing, poor graphic sizing, awkward color contrast, poor use of real estate, lack of good placement for various viewports, etc. Not a bug but as someone who has a number of good UX designers on my teams, it just makes me cringe when I go to the profile. But it did make for some good laughs at work today so thanks for that.

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    The recruiting tool is absolute garbage. I haven't been able to find a single suitable player not already in a clan. Global chat, even with its flaws, was a vital part to getting new recruits.

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    did anyone see or notice this?? or except me?. if we look up profile player, there is on the picture.

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