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Thread: KlanKillerElite (One Man Clan) Youtube

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    KlanKillerElite (One Man Clan) Youtube

    Hello and welcome everyone. I'm a little new to the scene but I have a huge passion for Clash of Clans. I've always kind of been a loner but CoC has given me a reason to make new friends. I would love to get to know as many clashers as possible and join this amazing community.

    I truly appreciate any support anyone shows on my channel and I want to eventually give back. That's why once I reach 50 subs I'm going to start doing giveaways and once I get to 1,000 subs ( if that ever happens) lol I will open my one man clan of 15 accounts to the community to create a competitive war clan. I've currently got the clan to lvl 3 on my own and continue to grow. Please check out my channel even if you dont qant to subscribe drop me a comment let me know what I can do or what content to make that would keep you coming back. I'm currently creating all my thumbs and editing my video from an android phone until I get the set up I want. If all goes well I'll soon start posting videos daily. Thanks again to anyone who gives me a chance and joins me in following my dream and embracing my passion for the game.

    Here is the link to my latest video!!!

    I have Th's ranging from Th5 to Th12

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    Bro Iím doing an identical thing! Ado_militia

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    We should war I havenít seen your villages maybe theyíre close to mine in stature I started two months ago or so with my extras my th12 is old Iím on discord same name as this

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    Yeah I just found your clan, Iíd be willing to drop mine and join yours if you wanna push exp faster Iím not really looking to get too massive human wise but we could chill as a duo and get way more clan exp, I want to be able to donate to my th12 and grind trophies with him adomemphys#3342 is my discord we should at least chat <3

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