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Thread: Introducing Project | Filterable Gallery with 300+ Layouts

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    Introducing Project | Filterable Gallery with 300+ Layouts

    The Journey

    The most central part of Clash of Clans has always been our dear old home village. We have been nurturing and watching it grow since i can not even remember anymore. Spending hours a day attacking, or even spending those hours looking at those plushy clouds while enjoying an engaging conversation in global. Every drop of elixir / dark elixir and every single coin gathered peacefully by clicking on our collectors and / or claimed while destroying some poor fools village we had to invest. We chose to invest, into that next upgrade. Be it a single wall, a hero level or a building upgrade. Always gazing into the future, dreaming of those beautiful blue walls, or that sexy old Barbarian King. Pushing us hour after hour, day after day and even year after year to keep on playing. And to be honest, this is the best part about the game.

    Our home village represents an investment of our time and energy, and we all want it to look uniquely amazing (and to show it off )!

    Since the game launched there has been an absolutely amazing community, countless content creators, incredibly imaginative and hard working base builders, community leaders and programmers, art designers and countless more people that enabled the game to keep on flourishing even after 7+ years! One of the greatest additions to Clash of Clans in my opinion has been the addition of links, to share your base layout with clan mates, friends and/or the world. It opened up a great new way to spread designs and it has been a good way to help less experienced or lazy players (me included) play a more important role during wars and the league.

    I wanted to be part of this joint effort, so I came up with the idea, to try and build a place, a website, where we could preserve all those amazing base building skills and designs into a user friendly and aestetically pleasing environment that is easily accessible online over any device (looking at you smart fridge).
    It's not a unique or in any ways new idea by any means, but my aim was to one-up previous iterations and create a place players enjoy to visit. (Pictures and Usability Video further down)

    Website | Key features

    • collection of over 300 base layouts and growing quickly
    • big filterable gallery
    • adapts to mobile, tablet or pc
    • for townhalls 9, 10, 11, 12 and builder Hall
    • link to import a base directly into your game (attached to every picture)
    • high quality images with reduced file sizes
    • quick loading times / no complete reloads while switching between pages
    • option to easily send in your own base designs
    • no hidden costs and ad-free (hosting and work etc. all covered by myself)
    • Pikachu base (oh yeah)

    The website is mainly a big filterable gallery with base layouts for the home village, builder hall village and a fun base collection. Due to the upcoming Clash of Clans World Championship from the 25th to 27th October, I also added a world champinship section, and soon i will add information about the main event, teams and bases used!

    The website enables you to quickly exit the game, open up the gallery in a browser and quickly find a base you like or currently need (war/farm/trophy) to import directly into the game! Video demonstration below:

    Current collection:

    • Townhall 12 -- 94 base layouts
    • Townhall 11 -- 47 base layouts
    • Townhall 10 -- 65 base layouts
    • Townhall 9 -- 51 base layouts
    • Fun Bases -- 33 base layouts
    • Builder Hall -- 35 base layouts went online in june 2019, and I have been working on it continuously, fixing countless bugs, adding bases, improving on accessability and features and generally keeping it tidy, up to date and pretty!


    The website has been coded with React.Js (a JavaScript library). It's the library that big websites like Netflix, Tesla, Airbnb, BBC, CloudFlare, Dropbox and even Reddit are build in! Clashbases is hosted on uberspace servers which are located in germany.


    • I still attend university and have been working on this project and financing it completely on my own. Therefore there might be periods of time where my daily life becomes all consuming and updates to the website may come out slower so I hope you can forgive me in those cases.
    • Sometimes the browser caches an older version of the website, to save ressources while opening it up. In order to recieve the latest version just refresh the website. If that doesn't do the job, you'll need to hard refresh (ctrl + F5 on chrome, basically deleting the cache).
    • Supercell Servers delete unused links after 30 days, so some links might have expired over time. While I do think I have found a way to keep them active, there might be a base layout every now and then that won't immediatly load into the game. This is a sign of a link expiring. I have marked every expired link up t this point and disabled them. I am optimistic though that future links won't expire


    I will keep on working on the website adding new features to it over time. The current next steps are, completing the 'world championship' section and preparing the main event landing page and content, adding more guides to the guide section, adding contributors names to their layouts, adding a rating system for layouts and adding many more base layouts for home village and builder hall!

    Last thoughts

    If you have any feedback, comments or wishes about anything regarding the website, don't hesitate to contact me! You can find an email and contact form on the 'Contact' section of the website. has been an incredible experience thus far and a lot of hard work to create. I really hope it helps players the same way it has helped me! I had a lot of late night conversations (global I will miss you) and contact with players about features, problems, wishes etc. and the community has been very helpful in guiding me. Some of you might have even met me inside one of the globals or on discord, and I am quite sure I have annoyed a couple of you after being placed into the same global repeatetly!

    I want to thank every single one of you, for taking the time to help me out and a huge thank you to the players Panda (#QYY82YQV), Oschkater and Mikey that lend me their accounts in order to build the (th 9, th 10 and th 11) base layouts.

    I wish you all the best,

    Adoration (#QLRUJU2C)




    Dislclaimer is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it.
    Most of the base layouts are not created by me.
    This website is intended to be a collection of as many base layouts as possible. All pictures and screenshots of base layouts were taken from my accounts. All base layouts sent in by contributors, can be filtered inside the gallery.

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    Nice job!

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    Thanks, I appreciate it!

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