Happy Update Day, Chief! We will have a maintenance break today to deploy the October Update!

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The October Update has arrived! In this content update, we’ve added a bevy of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements along with numerous back-end changes as we lay down the framework for a massive content update towards the end of the year. But before we get to that juncture, let’s take a look at what you can expect to see in this update.

Improved Clan Finder/Clan Recruitment feature
As many of you may already be aware, Global Chat has been removed with the release of this update. For more information regarding the reasons behind its removal, please check out our Blog Post here. Many Clans used the Global Chat for recruiting new members, but with the improved recruitment feature finding new members or a new Clan has never been better or smarter.

Better results, better Clans
Players will be able to add “Labels” to their profile based on what they prioritize as their play style. Are you someone who favors Clan War Leagues, or perhaps you always achieve max points during Clan Games, or maybe you just like the social aspect of the game? There are a variety of Labels you can add to your profile. This will allow Clans to search using those labels.

Better Clans, better Players
Clans will also be able to add Labels to their Clan profile page. Perhaps your Clan enjoys Base Building, or considers itself an Underdog, or maybe you have a Clan that prides itself on the number of active Troop Donations, there are 15 different Labels you can apply to your Clan to help optimize searches for new members. Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Elders can accept Clan join requests as well as send invites to players to join the Clan.

Better Players, better Clashing
You don’t need to rely on Join Requests from players to add members to your Clan. We’ve added a “Find New Members” button to the Clan profile page as well. This is a machine learning-powered search function that will match players who are of a similar play style as your Clan, further enforced by attempting to match the Labels you have set for your Clan.

Finally, as a Player you have the option to receive or turn off Clan Join Requests from other Clans. Perhaps you’re in a relatively good Clan but you always keep your eye out for better opportunities to come your way, then leaving the Clan Invites on will allow Clans to send you Join Requests from other Clans whether or not you’re already in a Clan.

Make sure to check out our Dev Update video here:

New temporary troop: Royal Ghost

This temporary phantasmagoric troop will be haunting your Town Halls for the Halloween season!

The Royal Ghost is a slow melee unit that will start invisible and cannot be targeted by Defenses for 12 seconds. This poltergeist potentate deals a ghoulish amount of damage and has the ability to pass through Walls while invisible!

DPS (@TH12) 680
HP (@TH12) 270
Training Cost 3800 Elixir
Training Time 37s
Favorite Target Any
Damage Type Single Target
Targets Ground
Housing Space 8
Movement Speed 16

Season Challenges

UI Improvements

  • The Season Challenges UI has been streamlined to be easier to navigate and provide clearer information.

New Season Challenges

  • There are 3 new Season Challenge types
  • Win X battles using Y troops of a certain type.
  • Win X battles using Y spells of a certain type.
  • Win X War attacks.

Well Seasoned

  • We’ve added a new achievement called “Well Seasoned” for reaching certain point thresholds in the Season Challenges.

Additional Quick Train Slots

  • Quick Train slots are like multifunctional tools: it’s nice to have the right tool when the situation calls for one. We are going to be upping the number of available Quick Train slots by 3, for a total of 6 different army compositions you can have pre-saved.

Clan Games Improvements
Task Revive

  • If you’ve ever grabbed a task for Clan Games but you either forgot about it, got interrupted and couldn’t get back to it in time, or simply couldn’t finish it, we’re adding a new option to revive expired tasks through Gems.

Bonus Reward for High Achievers

  • If you’re someone who scores max points, you’ll be able to choose an additional reward from any of the unlocked tiers at the end of the Clan Games. This will reward those over-achievers in the Clan with extra loot.

Other QoL Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • The "My Profile" and "My Clan" tabs have been updated to look much cooler!
  • My Profile
    • Edit and save your play style Labels
    • Display your active Hero Skins
    • Toggle Clan Join Requests from other Clans

  • My Clan
    • New sub-tab added for Leaders and Co-Leaders to edit play style Labels
    • "Find New Members" feature added to allow Leaders and Co-Leaders to search for and recruit new members

  • The Loot Cart now has a permanent spot next to the Trader’s Tent and will no longer spawn at random locations around the base.
  • Moving Traps or Teslas will not trigger the layout cooldown when editing your Village.
  • In the Legend League, the layout cooldown calculation will now take into account how much matchmaking time is remaining and will adjust the cooldown accordingly, which should result in shorter cooldowns.
  • Decorations will no longer block certain attack positions, but will still affect pathing slightly.
  • Grand Warden’s AI has been improved so he won’t randomly abandon his group as easily.
  • To reduce the Clouds in Titan Leagues, Guard length has been reduced.
    • 3h -> 2.5h in Titan 2
    • 4h -> 3h in Titan 1

  • Builder Base trophy reset is now at 5000 instead of 4000.
  • We added better rewards for the 5000-6000 trophy range since the reset is now at 5000.
  • Builder Base Gold Mine and Elixir Collector will now store 24h worth of production instead of 12h.
  • Shop offers have additional new graphics, sizes and effects
  • A warning is now shown Single Player maps if your Town Hall level is too low for the selected map.

Additional Information

  • Clash of Clans no longer supports devices that run on x86 processors.
  • Supercell ID 2.0 was added to Clash of Clans but it is being rolled out to specific regions first to make sure it works with the Clash client.

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Adding a change that slipped through the Release Notes:

  • Players who get a Legend League defense against them that scores 0 stars don't lose trophies anymore. The player who attacks them will still gain some Trophies though per the old rules. We made this change based on player feedback, and it also felt better that players can celebrate a defense win.

Sorry for leaving this one out! #blamedarian