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Thread: [guide] Creating your very own HERO

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    [guide] Creating your very own HERO

    Table of contents:
    I: Introduction
    II: The ability is the core of the idea
    III: Think about a theme
    IV: Stats?
    V: Posting your idea

    - I: Introduction
    We have a sticky that tells you how to create your very own troop. Creating your very own hero is something completely different. A hero needs to be gamechanging, has an ability, and is different from other troops/heroes. So here is a guide of how to create your very own hero.

    - II: The ability is the core of the idea
    Without ability, no hero. It might sound strange, but you should first think about an ability before thinking about the hero itself. If you have an idea for the ability in mind, just ask yourself these questions:
    1) Is it something different from the other heroes?
    2) Is it a gamechanging ability, but not overpowered? How can this affect the way you attack?
    3) Does this open the door to new strategies? does it fit any army?
    3) Are there adjustable stats?

    I will explain the third one. If you come up with an ability that doubles the troops around him, what will it do at level 2? Triple them? And level 3? 4 times these troops? No. Then you should better say: The ability clones troops in range for 8 seconds, at Lvl 2 for 9 seconds, Lvl 3 for 10 seconds and so on. These stats are adjustable for each level.

    III: Think about the theme
    When you have a great idea for the ability, you should think about a character that fits this ability. It would be strange to have an animal character that sends a trap scouting drone as ability. Then your hero should be a spy or a robot character.

    IV: Stats?
    No exact stats are needed. Just give an idea of how strong the hero would be. Just saying "same dps as lavahound" is good enough. It takes much longer to say "45 dps at lvl 1, 48 dps at lvl 2,..."
    These are the main stats that your post should contain:
    1) Health
    2) Damage
    3) Melee/ranged attack + range
    4) air/ground hero
    5) if it costs eixer or dark elixer
    6) movement speed
    7) if it jumps over walls or not

    V: Posting your idea
    Here are some tips:
    - Something can go wrong quickly. Imagine that you are writing down your idea and you are almost ready. Then, you accidentally click the "cancel" button. That would be a waste of time. So I reccomend you to write your idea down in a word document, and then copy it to the forums.
    - Avoid chaos. Try to organize your thread with a table of contents, subheadings, colors,... It will make it much easier for the other forumers to read and understand the idea.
    - Reread your own thread when you are ready to post it. Sometimes, you find some spelling mistakes that can confuze other forumers.
    - Be patient and don't double post or bumb your thread. This is against the forum rules. If there are no replysbon your thread, don't worry. A few months ago, I made a big thread about sidekicks for heroes, spent half an hour on it, and got no replys. It might be becouse it was too long to read, or not very clear. But never double post or bumb that idea.
    - Feedback is what your idea needs. If someone says that it isn't balanced, then ask why and change it. If someone says that it's not a good idea, then ask why and change it. It's very rare that someone posts an idea without forumers being against it.

    These are just guidelines and you don't have to follow them. Ofcourse you can first have an idea about a hero character, and then you think about an ability. This guide is just to make it easier for you to create your own hero.

    Clash on!

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