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Thread: Query about Clan leadership

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    Query about Clan leadership

    I had a clan which was alot active till 2017 but after 2017 slowly all the players of the clan went offline and the clan went completely inactive (Clan Level 13, 268 war wins) so i decided to pass on the leadership to one of my other account and i left that clan and joined another active clan, i never bothered to login with my other leader id but today i saw that the leadership was automatically transferred to one of other Co leader of the clan how is this possible? How to get my leadership back if ever i want back my leadership?

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    Ask the co

    If they arenít active then wave goodbye to the clan....

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    It's a relatively new feature to transfer leadership away from a leader who has abandoned their clan. If you really wanted to maintain leadership of your clan, you should have been active. The only way to get the leader position back is to ask the current leader for it.
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    Have you asked the New Clan Leader for it back?

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    Obviously, the clan didnt go completely inactive, otherwise there would be nobody available for the auto transfer to hand it over to..
    As far as I know, it will only transfer to someone that logged on within that 90 day period..

    But something I been wondering about.. Does anybody know what would happen, if anything, in a clan that was completely dormant, with nobody active within the 90 days?

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    become more active than any other coleader there.

    but being harsh here, you abandoned that clan, if you wanted it you should have periodically logged in to it. If you still are a coleader then keep logging in and become more active than any other coleader there.... it should switch back to you
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    If everyone goes inactive at the same time, the status quo remains. no transferring of leadership

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