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Thread: Opinion on TH upgrade

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    Maxed heroes = start the TH upgrade in my humble opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klavious View Post
    Maxed heroes = start the TH upgrade in my humble opinion.
    ^ not wrong. This is the most important part of the offense.

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    Thank you all for so many opinions. I think I'm gonna start the upgrade button in couple of days. Barbs and archers will be upgraded when TH12 and new lab level are done, and other troops aren't worth waiting for to start the upgrade. Time to start upgrading those heroes for 50 levels total if my math is right 😳🤑

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    Level up to City Hall 12 for me
    For Clans, complete it in City Hall 11
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    TH12 Batspell Strategy
    TH12 island base Strategy
    TH12 ring base Strategy
    TH11 island base Strategyㅣ

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