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Thread: Level 81 looking for competitive hood

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    Level 81 looking for competitive hood

    Iím looking for a competitive, chatty and helpful championship league hood who strive to place first each week I am currently lvl 81 and would like to find a new home

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    Hi, we have a competitive hood, although only a few players opt into the derby each week we always finish in top 3 position (most often 1st). We are a friendly group mostly from UK & Canada, we don’t have a lot of rules - just that we always do all tasks at 320/400 points (including diamond task) and we just ask that you are polite with your fellow neighbours.
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    Active derby lovin players join SAMS #2CCLLUPG Champions League

    We are looking for some fun players to join us. We are helpful and love to derby. Some of our players donít derby anymore so weíd like to ad a couple new players. We usually finish in the top 3. We all do 320/400 and all 10 tasks. Join us for the next derby.

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    Hi Daisy,
    I've pmed you. Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Derby players wanted to join our championship league hood.
    We are stress free,helpful & friendly.
    OPT out if your busy and be willing to complete all tasks and help others.
    Fail to complete all tasks will lead to demotion for 1week.

    ●Requirements ●
    * Derby tasks at 320+ (10th task optional)
    * Group chat (optional)
    * Minimum level 80
    * Fluent English Speaking
    * 18yrs or older
    * Elder on joining

    ●TO JOIN●

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    ❤Hi! I am Gina, leader of the wonderful neighborhood called Farming Fools! If you are looking for a fun place to hang out while farming, come join us!

    We have been active since 2014! Five years ago we formed this AMAZING neighborhood! 😊

    We have won 93 golden trophies! We are amazing & awesome!!! You can be too!

    If you are active, chatty and helpful, please consider joining our group. You will be amazed by our generosity and teamwork!

    We are dedicated to running a peaceful and fun neighborhood and committed to making sure all of our fellow members needs are met!

    Championship league is where we like to be and everyone finishes all nine tasks at minimum of 320 points plus tenth is required

    **Bingo,Special and Mystery derbies 320-400 point minimum**
    We also strive to complete all of our tasks in a fast time frame!

    We are team players with great communication! We are looking for like minded team players. Humor is welcome!

    **The leader may always be bribed with a glass of wine ***

    Please be at least level 70

    Also be over 21 years old, thank you!

    Please request to join our private Facebook group under the same name of Farming Fools!

    ** We use Fb Messenger. This is so we can communicate and very essential during BINGO and themed derby weeks This is mandatory.

    Search for Farming Fools! Dont forget the ! at the end and request in

    After joining our Facebook or messenger and reading the nh guidelines you will immediately be made an ELDER!

    Nh id is #GLLPRUU

    Love to meet you soon!❤❤❤

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    Hi Daisy,

    We are currently a hood of two, as several of our members are on hiatus. We are competitive and almost always finish in the top 3, if not first. We ask that you do only 320/400 tasks + the tenth. We don't require speeding boats or tasks- that's up to you. We like to finish the derby quickly, but understand if work or life happens. We are daily players, but you are not required to chat unless you want to. Check us out- Cicada Lanes #9CYPRJOG
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    DREAMERS #PCGL2RLR we assign elders asap if derby active. We r helpers . Just complete all asks alloted thnks cya

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    Dizzy Ducks is a fairly new neighbourhood which was created mid February 2019. We have climbed from Rookie League to Champions League and that is where we intend to stay.

    We are seeking active, competitive team mates to join in the fun and benefit from the many bonuses our hood has to offer.

    Our primary goals are to build up a team of exceptional players who want to win the derby and to help one another to achieve more and develop our farms.

    We seek friendly, chatty, fun people with ambition & drive to join us. Although we take the derby serious we love to have fun and a good laugh too.

    We are seeking players over 18 years of age only. (No exceptions).

    We will not tolerate drama of any kind and anyone causing trouble or being disrespectful will be instantly removed without warning or exception.

    We welcome players from all over the world, but they must speak fluent English.

    Manners cost nothing, a simple ďpleaseĒ or ďthankyouĒ goes a long way when asking for help or when you are offered/given help. Please be polite and courteous at all times.

    we seek derby focussed players who are passionate about winning. if you are unable to participate in the derby for any reason you must use the ďopt outĒ feature.

    We do not tolerate players who donít complete their derby tasks. We expect you to complete all tasks at 320 points for ordinary derbies and 400 points for special derbies, unless informed otherwise. The additional diamond bought task is not optional, we all complete this to ensure the win because winning is what we are about.

    We donít reserve derby tasks so that everyone has a fair chance of taking the tasks which appear on the board. We donít use diamonds to speed up the task board because the task board is a shared feature and one player shouldnít dominate it.

    We seek self sufficient players who donít ask every 5 minutes for help. Yes we like to help each other but we donít want to do your tasks as well as our own! you have machines and fields. Use them instead of relying upon your team mates to supply you with everything every time.

    If you let the team down you will be removed from the neighbourhood instantly and without warning. We are a close knit team and look after each other.

    We offer instant promotion to elder to allow our team mates to help keep the task board ticking over, and once we know you are a secure solid player you will be further promoted.

    we intend to keep this group small (15-20 exceptional players) so that getting your hands on those compulsory 320/400 point tasks isnít a completely frustrating experience and we can develop our farms at a faster rate. .available spaces will be allocated on a first come first serve basis (assuming you fit into our team).

    NO UNDER 18ís!

    We are seeking players level 60+ who are ACTIVE, CHATTY, HELPFUL and DERBY OBSESSED!

    We have contact out of game through Facebook messenger, and although this feature is massively helpful and beneficial during derbies, it isnít completely essential.

    If you think you are a good fit or if you have any questions please feel free contact me either through

    Facebook messenger -
    Fran Wilkes

    We are looking forward to welcoming you into our warm, friendly neighbourhood. Come check us out if you feel You meet the criteria and you want a place to call home. 😊

    (Red shield with blue shovels)

    Our tag is - #PUUVUJGV

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    This is our ad:

    Ripley’s Farm #PQ9PUQQY

    We’ve been playing this game for about 3 – 4 years, been in different hoods and somehow just got tired of our super relaxed neighbours. So we created this hood hoping to recruit like–minded members.

    What we can offer is

    • Elder upon joining
    • Helpful and friendly environment
    • You can request for anything
    • Opting out is not a problem

    And just a few requirements:

    • English speaking hood and English speaking members are welcome from all around the world (all time zones are welcome but we mostly play the derby in European time zone)
    • 10x320/400 tasks
    • Being polite and friendly is very much appreciated
    • No need to be chatty but basic communication is required
    • We do not reserve tasks, fair play for everyone
    • Entry level is 75

    So if you like to play this game as much as we do, compete and win, come and join us!
    Lvl 143, town 40 #ULU2U8Y

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