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    Well I think that th9 is the town hall which transitions you as an attacker.
    earlier the th9 you have very basic bases ans not much to consider while attacking.
    but boy oh boy as the th level increases trying to get those 3 star is insane effort and thinking, traps, eagle, cc, defence, base layout, hero levels, you have to factor everything.
    Yeah it is somewhat boring, nut unless until you become someone who can 3 star any have work to do my friend

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    Th9 isn't exactly the best one yes but it's not too bad

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    I agree, the de grind is brutal.

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    I was th9 for a long time (before th11 update)
    stayed at th9 for a year (even after I maxed out)
    Th9 was fun , but now
    you can upgrade your TH and enjoy new content
    stay at TH 9 and enjoy .. Its totally dependent on you

    Quote Originally Posted by Nahkrinn1201 View Post
    My reasons:

    - Hero grind is terrible
    - was built to be the last town hall
    - it was never balanced to other town hall's

    change my mind

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    If it’s so torturous either you aren’t managing your resources right or you’re spending too much on your army.

    solutions: but gens or go to th10. Quite simple really.

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    I made the horrible mistake to enter th10 with 10/11 heroes on my main account. I corrected that and entered th11 with 40/40 heroes.
    I also have a mini that I made sure not to made that mistake again! I had full focus on heroes so I had 30/30 heroes long before my defenses was maxed - I have never progressed to fast in CoC.

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    I loved th9 and the mass hog attacks in the early days of war.
    Quote Originally Posted by kajid View Post
    Loot difficulty has gone up again today by 2.5% Why do they keep increasing the loot difficulty this makes the game not worth playing and before you all say there is more inactive bases and less active players it still shouldn't be a 2.5% increase in difficulty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nahkrinn1201 View Post
    My reasons:

    - Hero grind is terrible
    - was built to be the last town hall
    - it was never balanced to other town hall's

    change my mind
    Between the cost & time reductions, the hero grind isn't nearly what it was.

    So? TH8 was originally designed as the highest level TH.

    TH9 isn't really serious game play, any more. It's where you start to really have to work a bit & learn to plan attacks if you want to 3 star. TH9 & everything below is impossible to balance against max troops in the CC. Move on.

    Quote Originally Posted by rowman View Post
    Yes, TH 9 has lots of hero levels. Yes, many of us did opt to max out our heroes prior to jumping to TH 10. But, the game did not require that choice.

    Look at it his way ... What if they reduced the TH 9 hero max level to Level 20 (shifted 10 levels to TH 10). You would then (after maxing at 9) be facing TH 10s, with TH 10 defenses, using L20 heroes. So if you don't want the "TH9 grind", jump to 10 today! You get the same exact results regardless, L 20 heroes facing TH 10s, correct?
    TH9 isn't part of the serious war scene. For most players, there's not much reason grind out every last bit of wall & heroes. At the latest, go TH10 the minute you finish lab & defenses. Ideally, you should have both heroes above level 20, but the increased DE available at TH10 makes catching up easy. If you're semi-serious about war, you can always use potions to beef up heroes & troops. You should stick around long enough to learn more advanced funnelling, (hello, Queen Walk!) & multi-stage attacks. If you're trying to get where you can play on the competitive war scene, you'll get there quicker by skipping the TH9 hero grind & learning how to use siege machines.

    But, the legions of perma-maxed TH9s weren't a good thing, imo. Perma-max TH10s should prepare to be relegated, soon.
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    I like TH9 so much that I'm starting new minis so I can always have a couple bases at TH9. Once they max TH9 and go to TH10 I stop actively playing them.

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    TH9 is where the learning curve for war starts to go steeper. It is where you build your foundation for war attacks at higher levels. Those that master TH9 warfare will have an easier time when they progress to higher TH levels.

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