Hi, I have never posted here, but I thought of this idea and could not find another suggestion similar to this. Currently, the game has a system where purchased decorations can either be used or stashed. However, in village edit mode, all decorations that are used in the existing layout must be placed down for the new layout you build in order to set it as active, and if you are editing your active layout, all current decorations must be placed. To add to that, when a decoration is stashed in your main village, it gets moved to the shop and removed from your other villages. And when you add a new or stashed decoration to your home base, you cannot save your war base or any other base when editing the base without adding the decoration, meaning they are not only annoying to add and remove, but must be consistent between bases.

Getting to the point, as a person who likes convenience when possible, and who likes nicely organised and decorated bases, I think making decorations as something that is not needed when finishing a village would be a very nice quality of life improvement. A simple way this idea could be implemented is by first of all, having the decoration 'stash' button only remove the decoration in that specific layout, as well as having a stash button for decorations in the village edit mode, with a 'View Extra Items' button in village edit mode that brings up stashed decorations for that village.

I would love to hear discussions about this idea, if you like it, or if you think my idea has flaws. Thanks a lot