About us:

We are a friendly, hard-working clan based out of Australia, comprised of both men and woman. Whilst winning wars is important to us, one bad hit isn't the end of the world as long as you can use the experience to learn and improve. We are an English speaking only clan, and would prefer members who are in a similar time zone to that of Brisbane (GMT +10) or Perth (GMT +8).

Key Points:

  • Adults 18+ only. Of our current 36 members there is no exception to this, and you won't be the first.
  • Must be green for wars, unless given valid reason.
  • Each member must complete at least 1000 clan games points - no freeloading.
  • Must use both attacks in war. First attack must be for 3 stars only, and feel free to drop beneath you mirror to achieve this. Second attacks should be used to clean. If all bases surrounding your mirror are three star'd, practise. Do not loot under any circumstances. Higher bases may be asked to 2 star bases close to the top of the war map.
  • We compete in Clan War Leagues, and are currently placed in Master League 2, which an all-time high of Champions League 3.
  • Donation requests are typically filled within minutes, if not quicker than that. Although keeping an even ratio of donated : received is not crucial, do not let it get out of hand i.e. 350:8000.
  • Based on Clan Level, we are currently in the Top 10 clans in Australia. Based on trophies, we are in the Top 150 clans in Australia.
  • Over 40% of our clan is TH12.

Minimum Requirements:

  • English Speaking
  • Age 18+
  • 2500+ Trophies
  • Minimum 350 war stars
  • Absolutely no rushed or engineered bases! This most importantly includes all heroes.

Apply Now!

Stop by Aussie Overlord #P2PPGJUL and mention that you "found you on the formus" in the request. If you are rejected and believe you should be reconsidered, feel free to add me (Adam) at #8VYOUJPR or just message me here. See you soon!!!