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    The world may never know...


    If this doesn't do well, Im going to have to wait another year for new ideas.

    Fruit would temporarily buff troops for a few hours, maybe +20% damage and health. This would help people have a better army if they want a helping hand for attacks. This would cost ~40,000 elixir to make a fruit, and would take 2 days to finish.
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    Really sorry to bombard this idea at instant. An item like this would grow mandatory for clanwars then. Available on every warday, time suitable for two shots on enemies warbases.

    I generally like ideas like that, but not in such a state where I can see the downsides before their advantages.

    If we change the idea to +20% strenght, up to it's current maximum allowed for the townhall, it would kinda match the corresponding magical item that will allow for maxed troops. But letting it add stats above max will be the best-in-slot boost for wars.
    'All available heroes, all available spells, available fruitbuff for warattacks'

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    Disagree , but this idea kinda reminded me of Chaos in sonic adventure

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    I thought of an idea where we each get a tree with a our Village in the beginning. It grows with our level and is permanent. Can’t be removed. As our level increases the tree grows and matures and eventually grows fruit. This would benefit people who have been in the game longer because people who have been in for years would have a large, mature tree that bears more fruit. I like your fruit idea added to my tree idea

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