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Thread: [recruiting] cwl mostly

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    [recruiting] cwl mostly

    ☆Mother Thuckers☆ (#9Q2PCGCQ) invites any TH9+ in US timezone to our level 14 clan.

    About us: We invite you to join a casual, friendly, adult clan for both women and men. Most of us live in North America and we are an English speaking only clan. Presently our membership is friends and family from TH8-12. We are looking to only add 9s through 12s. We have been promoted in the last 2 CWLs and look to keep getting moving up. We have an experienced leadership and are looking to add quality members. We don't accept immaturity or drama in the clan. We like to have fun and our members to at least try. You donít need to be perfect at war but at least attack your match. Some of us are rushed but working to get better.

    What you can expect ... and we expect in return:

    *Friendly chat in game. It's more fun when you get to know the people you're clashing with.

    *High level donations from most thanks to +2 level bump from clan perks including 50% refund of the cost.

    *We expect members to look for and fill requests when they log in.

    *Max level donations always during war including siege machines.

    *Max tier clan games. Expect as much time as you can, many members will max.

    *Organized wars when members request or special events happen.

    *CWL each month with assigned targets.
    Okay to opt out but don't miss attacks if in war.

    *Friendly challenges to practice attacks with constructive feedback.

    *Any ideas you have to make us and you better we will listen.Just have fun!!!

    Minimum requirements:

    *Age 18+
    *Fluent English speakers
    *Bases can be rushed bases, but must try to get non-rushed and work on attacks

    Check us out!

    Mention *Supercell Ė Forum* in request to join.Be patient. We will respond as soon as we can.

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