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Thread: [looking for clan members] : Lvl18 'uk' clan; b2b war; relaxed atmosphere

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    [Looking for Members] Level 18 UK Clan, B2B War, Relaxed Atmosphere

    Bad Sand is UK Adult clan looking for active members interested in CWL, Clan Games and Back to Back Clan Wars

    We've been around for 4+ years and are not new to this game, a few core members of the bad sand family also work together or have been here for just as many years (me included). We are a friendly group, looking to expand our team.

    Tired of hardcore gaming.
    Tired of hopping, or of clan hoppers.
    Tired of never getting the right donations?
    Missing the rush of being in War?
    Tired of the inconsistency in other Clans?
    Looking for a place to relax, do your own thing, or get heavily involved in the clan.

    DO YOU! Want the benefit of being in a clan without all the pressure other clans place on you to 'perform' on demand to the highest level possible?

    Our rules are simple. All we ask is:

    - If you do take part in CWL or CL, follow instructions when given, ask and take advice if needed and try your best.
    - Test your attack strategy before wars, or use well regulated, tried and tested patterns
    - Use both attacks in war; if you are at the lower end of the pack then attack early on when war starts to allow for our higher players to review the field of battle
    - Be polite, manners cost nothing.
    - Don't ask for promotions! Elder is earned, Co-Leader is by exception and generally for long term, committed members that exhibit exceptional traits
    - Donate 1:1, don't demand troops! and donate what is asked for (some tolerance is allowed for lower level players given troops/level available if not max)

    What we can offer:
    - A good social cross section of players (yes we do have people outside of the UK!)
    - A good standard of donations
    - An excellent place to grow and learn the game
    - Mature adult social experience (but not totally devoid of a few antics!)

    What we are looking for:
    - ADULT, non hardcore players (if you are hardcore and just looking to tone things down a bit, thats ok too)
    - Regular war is optional but we do need people for Clan Games and Clan War Leagues
    - Players that don't disappear into the background and contribute nothing!
    - NO rushed or engineered bases
    - Players just looking to have fun playing

    Look no further if this is just what you are looking for!

    Drop us a note below with your player tag or come join us @

    Thanks for looking

    Ian (Bad Sand Co-Leader)

    Disclaimer: As we are a UK Clan, and quite a few of our members work daily, you may find some quit periods during the working day (GMT) with evenings giving rise to an increased level of activity.
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