Looking for avid clashers that are looking to socialize and strategize, real time, over the phone via talk or text. I am an extreme clash addict that controls 24 clash of clans accounts, several of every single TH level. I play all day every day if i feel like it, but im never able to even come close to finding clashers that display any type of intelligence or respect at all. I own my own clan, the name is eclipse, its newly level 5, i run the clan with or without the help of my best friend, who lives half the country away, and who i have never met, yet share more with than any other person on this planet, and who has access to every last account i own, partly because a few of the accounts are his, but tbh, we have been best friends/fellow clasher for about 3 years now?The war record of eclipse is currently 16-4. The idea behind my clan was to create a world famous clan. I have laid the groundwork, but its going to be tough to achieve that goal without alot of work, but im not giving up. This concept of mine has taken multiple clan remakes to achieve our strong looking log, war leagues help with the clan level and dont look bad if were not first place. Im willing to meet and socialize with just about anyone aslong as there is abit of maturity. If your not looking for something fun and semi competitive, than atleast i hope my story has touched you.