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Thread: War league 15 or 30 ?

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    War league 15 or 30 ?

    I wanted to make you a suggestion for the next MAJ, in Clan Wars League, when you want to run, the box "15" is ticked by default and if you do not pay attention, you throw at 15 instead 30, we should put these buttons more visible or just do not have the box "15" participants ticked by default and we should check it ourselves, it will avoid problems in the future, because it we happened twice the mishap on this league, we made the world to throw at 30 and we made the mistake of throwing a 15 because the box was already ticked. I hope you will consider this remark, we must not be the only ones in this case. Thank you for everything you do for the game you are doubly super

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    As lot's of other same issues . You should always pay more attention , on champ leagues it would be 15 vs 15 anyways

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    It almost happened to us. It should at least indicate in the chat notification whether it is 15v or 30v. I couldnt remember if I selected 30 So i restarted the search and made sure to choose the right one.

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