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    Th 13 The Magical Th

    I am a frequent reader but very inactive poster to the forums. I currently have 2 th 12s (1 new the other stuck on walls) and as such have been wondering the infamous question "What will the next th bring when it comes?" I probably do not have the answers but after some thought about it I came up with a building I thought would be great after that one thing led to the next so instead of posting several here's a new th 13 idea posts, here is 1 giant th 13 update with all the main features, troops and buildings, I think would be interesting to see. (sorry I'm not artistic and couldn't add pictures to my wall of text)

    Th 13 The Magical Town Hall
    For the past 5 years, the wizards have been hard at work brewing concoctions in their lab. Th 10 they mastered fire, in th 11 era, the Grand Warden arrived to the village bringing the gifts of ancient tomes imbuing dragons with the power of lightning and golems with the power of ice. Testing their new found magic, they created the Giga Tesla bringing forth th 12. Finally the wizards have stumbled upon a new way to use this power to make the village stronger than ever.

    New Defensive Buildings

    The CC that fights back!
    After gaining the cooperation of the master builder, the builders and master builder have been hard at work designing new defense that's bound to cause some panic for those who wish the village harm.

    Why weaponize the cc?
    The clan castle is an odd building that allows troops to be deployed but beyond that offers no other benefits. If the troop deployment was transferred to the de storage and was left as just a resource building, there would be little difference for defense. For a building that is often put in the middle of the base (or at least somewhere to make the troops useful), it offers very little by itself. Often times, the army reaches the cc and has dealt with the troops long before then. TH 13 will offer a new defense attached to the cc that will allow it to become a bit more useful.

    Visual Effects
    The defense will be active from the beginning of the raid. It will fire arrow projectiles similar to the archer towers and xbows. Each shot will display 8 arrows. The effect will be just over the range of a wizard tower (8 tiles). The effect is similar to the giant cannon in the builder base but will stop after 8 tiles. The damage is dealt similar to crusher so that any troop in range is able to be hit.

    Giga Bow lvl 1
    Damage per second 132
    Range 8
    damage type area splash
    targets ground and air
    Hit rate: 1 second
    Giga Bow Lvl 5
    Damage per second 180

    Magic Workshop
    Practicing their magical experiments in private, the wizards are now sure they can make the village a little more magical.

    What does it do?
    The magic workshop does not offer any defense by itself but rather offers new magical gear-ups to all defense structures in the village however not all buildings can have all gear-ups. It will have 3-4 lvls. Each gear-up will have a colored ring appearing under the defense so it is scoutable for visible defenses including the Giga Tesla. Tesla gear-ups will be considered apart of the trap and cannot be scouted, the giga tesla level can be scouted so the ring can also be seen.

    What does it cost to upgrade?
    Each gear up will cost both elixir and dark elixir. Because the cost is 2 resources, the needed amount of each will be more similar to th 10 and 11 costs.

    Gear ups
    Fire: Lvl 1
    Red Ring
    Damage increase: 1%
    Death Damage Increase: 0.5%
    Fire: Lvl 5
    Damage increase: 10%
    Death Damage Increase: 5%
    *a basic addition that offers bonus damage, since builder base gear ups cannot equip magic workshop upgrades, builder base gear-ups will be automatically give fire once unlocked.
    Poison: lvl 1
    yellow-orange ring
    reduction of base damage 10%
    damage over time 2.4%/second for 5 seconds
    reduction of death damage
    IE: bomb towers, giga bomb
    Death Damage Effect: poison spell lvl 1
    Poison: lvl 5
    reduction of base damage 10%
    damage over time 4%/second for 5 seconds
    reduction of death damage
    IE: bomb towers, giga bomb
    Death Damage Effect: poison spell lvl 3
    *Damage reduction is a trade off for bonus damage over time. Low lvls will be in line with heal spell recovery while higher lvls can start to out pace heal slightly. Useful on towers that could be met at the end of the raid or on splash damage to possible cause a funnel to steal the healers from the queen. The low lvl poison spells are to attackers to not lose too many troops to a poison spell but cause harm to the attackers.
    Freeze lvl 1
    Blue ring
    reduce base damage 10%
    speed reduction 5%
    Reduces death Damage 50%
    Death damage effect: 1/2 duration of lvl 1 freeze spell
    Freeze lvl 5
    Blue ring
    reduce base damage 10%
    speed reduction 15%
    Reduces death Damage 50%
    Death damage effect: 1/2 duration of lvl 5 freeze spell
    *trade off is to slow down troops. Trade off helps not make freeze a dominant gear-up but find use by combining several gear-ups to make a powerful section of the base. Useful on splash damage towers.
    Lightning lvl 1
    white ring
    chain hits 5
    damage reduction per chain 20%
    Death Damage reduction 50%
    Death Damage Effect None
    Lightning lvl 5
    white ring
    chain hits 5
    damage reduction per chain 10%
    Death Damage reduction 50%
    Death Damage Effect None
    * Damage reduction might need to be higher for balance. Goal is to aim at back end troops but might offer too much value. The death damage reduction makes it harder to use on the TH though the giga tesla could now potentially hit 25 targets but deal nonlethal death damage. Chain cannot be used on splash defenses including the new cc defense nor on the inferno towers

    Magic gear up Magic Workshop (MW) lvl unlocked Lvls available at MW 1 Lvls available at MW 2 Lvls available at MW 3 Lvls available at MW 4
    Fire 1 2 1 1 1
    Poison 2 - 3 1 1
    Freeze 3 - - 4 1
    Lightning 4 - - - 5

    New Offense Additions

    New Army Camp
    Normally an extra building add at a new th does not need an explanation but since the last army camp was added at th 7 and we have only seen new lvls for the past 5 ths, this one might need a discussion.

    The new army camp offers 70 more troops to be deployed at th 13. If a new lvl were to be added to the current 10 lvls of camps in addition to this new lvl we could be looking at potentially 95 more troops being deployed at th 13 (390 or 415 total troops with cc troops included). This addition would allow for a few more large troops to be added. 70 is enough to add: 11 bowlers, 5 witches, 3 dragons, 2 golems, pekkas, hounds or e-dragons. 95 would be 15 bowlers, 7 witches, 4 dragons, 3 pekkas, edragons, lava hounds or golems. These numbers are not insignificant but are not so great that properly upgraded defenses combined with properly leveled and placed gear ups would be unable to stop this offense. (older ths will definitely be strained to defend)

    The large increase in troops would allow for more complex attacks to be developed at the highest level of play, while properly balanced will give casual play a good shot to allow a spam meta to continue with varying success. The critical point to consider is the base design. With 4 ways to gear up defenses, the base design will be a key factor to creating balance against the new wave of troops. Using only one gear-up should not allow a base to defend well.

    New spell factory lvl
    With more troops, more spells isnít necessarily necessary but to develop kill squads and multi-phase attacks, i believe 2 more spell slots could potentially add more diversity to attacking

    New troops
    Awaken by the lightning coming from the th, the vampire is ready to help join the fight in exchange for blood, or de will be fine too. Melee unit, unlocked at th 12 dark barracks.
    Vampire lvl 1
    DPS 76
    Heal/ Hit 5
    HP 900
    Favorite Target Resources and army buildings
    Targets: Ground
    Housing space 5
    Movement speed 16
    Vampire: lvl 3
    DPS 98
    Health/ hit 15
    Hit points 1000

    Lvl 1- 3 When dead turns into 3 bats

    Magic Giant
    After dropping a spell while helping a wizard this giant has gained new magic powers. Ranged troop, unlocked at th 12 barracks lvl 14.
    Magic Giant lvl 1
    DPS 170
    HP 1200
    Favorite Target: Defense
    Targets: Ground and Air
    Housing Space 12
    Movement Speed 12
    Magic Giant lvl 5
    DPS 250
    HP 1250

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    New Defense Building lvls amount of new lvls
    Cannons 3
    Archer Towers 3
    Mortars 3
    Air Defenses 1
    Wizard Towers 2
    Air Sweepers 1
    Hidden Teslas 3
    Bomb Towers 3
    Xbow 2
    Inferno Tower 2
    Eagle 2
    Giga Tesla 3
    New Trap Lvl Amount of new lvls
    Spring 1
    bombs 1
    Air Bombs 1
    Giant Bombs 1
    Seeking air mine 1
    Tornado Trap 1

    Barbarians 1
    Archers 1
    Giants 1
    Goblins 2
    Wall Breakers 1
    Balloons 1
    Wizards 1
    Healers 1
    Dragons 1
    Pekka 1
    Baby Dragons 1
    Miners 1
    Edragons 1
    Minions 2
    Hogs 2
    Valks 2
    Golems 2
    Witches 1
    Hounds 2
    Bowlers 1
    Ice Golem 1
    Spell number of new lvls
    Lightning 1
    Heal 1
    Freeze 1
    Clone 2
    Quake 1
    Skeleton 1
    Bat 1
    Siege Amount of new Lvls
    Wall Wrecker 2
    Battle Blimp 3
    Stone Slammer 2

    Explanations to the levels:
    I will be addressing defense last since it is dependent on everything else that I've put in my version of the th 13 update.
    For the most part, each troop does not need big buffs to be usable at a new th since youíll have more troops, more damage, more hp. I believe decent size single step buffs will make them usable.

    Minions were a clean up troop that I fear could fall to the wayside with the addition of the vampire. More upgrades could solidify its position as a cheap small funnel troop.

    Valks, hounds, golem and ice golem I feared would suffer the most with how they are currently used. With the magical changes causing debuffs during a raid, 2 levels should allow them to continue to be used as they are currently.

    Hogs were a difficult decision to increase 2 lvls. They were recently nerfed because of how usable they are at top level game play while keeping all else barely unnoticeable. The goal here was to keep them in line with the point defense adjustments that need to be made to deal with larger amounts of troops and also considering potential ways to counter hogs (poison spell death damage drops or freeze wiz towers in high dps zones)

    Clone spell increases usually by 3, if this pattern is broken and 1 level gave 5 more space, I would be fine with just 1 level but based on the pattern, 3 isn't a worthwhile change and a 2nd level is needed if any addition were made.

    Defense: defense needs a lot of adjustments here for a lot of reasons. First we have a large increase in quantity of troops that need to be able to be defeated quickly. Large adjustments also come with a risk.

    If only 1 level was added to each defense, that level would need to be noticeable when facing a maxed th 13. In the update i have suggested a max th 13 has 70 or 95 more troops than a max th 12 and higher level troops so that 1 level would be pretty significant making it difficult for a max th 12 to face a new th 13 with only a few upgrades or a new th 13 with just 1 or 2 levels of camps to begin farming.

    The solution is more steps to walk new th 13s into the late stages without baring max 12s and new 13s. The first step will be larger than the 2nd or 3rd but not large enough to be a deterrent for late 12s, new 13s to farm a bit higher. It would also be noted that these first levels would help deter fight against early level camps which give the most troop space (20 at lvl 1, 30 at lvl 2)
    Air defenses were not given too many extra lvls because most air troops do not come in large amounts. Loons are the most spammable 3 star meta troop (that doesn't mean all loon attacks are spam) but can be countered with poison bomb towers from the poison drop if not prepared for.

    Final thoughts
    I know that 70 or 95 additional space brings the fear that attacking will become to easy at the top level but if properly balanced, which Supercell has proven they can do well given a chance, can create a window of new metas, troop combos and amazing attacks changing the way armies are made. This is the biggest leap of faith that most of my ideas center around, creating a diverse meta with open opportunities for base building to be rewarded. Th 13 can be a game changing town hall but crazy risks need to be attempted on offense and defense or it will be a new defense, new troops and more lvls, more of the same pattern.

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    I think that is a point...

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    Great work on this!
    I hope the devs see it!

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    Nice job

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