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Thread: Active War Clan Rebuilding and Looking For New Members. Any Town Hall!!

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    Active War Clan Rebuilding and Looking For New Members. Any Town Hall!!

    Clan Name: Got Your Six
    Clan Tag #PPC8YGJ2
    Clan Level: 10

    We are an english speaking clan looking for active members(active in all game events). We work together as a team to accomplish our goals.

    Our clan was created 10/2014. We are an active clan trying to rebuild. Our goal is to participate in clan wars consistantly and get the max points in clan games and clan war league. All players are welcome from any town hall level, we have members here to donate and help out with tips for attacks and wars so just ask!

    Clan Wars: We love doing clan wars and anyone that wats to be in will always be included, please update status to red/green and we will get everyone in that we can. Wars will be continuous so please stay updated if you want in or not.

    Clan War League: We will be participating in all clan war league events and will do our best getting ALL players involved regardless of TH rank. Our goal is to win and advance and get the most rewards for our clan to help improve as fast as we can. Bonus league points will be given to the players with the best attacks/participation so always give it your all!

    Please look us up in game and request to join now!
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