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Thread: A helper for the Fishing Lake?

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    A helper for the Fishing Lake?

    I think it would be great if you could add a helper for the Fishing Lake - Like Rose and Ernestís nephew or Angusí granddaughter, Tomís sister Melinda or something - that could do some fishing for us for some hours.

    I would gladly use her regularly since the one thing I think is the most boring in the whole game is that activity 😊. I have talked to friends and neighbours about it too and everyone thinks it would be a great benefit with someone like that.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Nice idea, frequent ask,
    I always donate a vote 🙋
    we're all still waiting the helper, let sit, relax & enjoy the games.

    We have been waiting the mushroom for a long time, ability to request Barn/Silo tools in NH Donation table too. Finally HD team make them come true in the update.

    Previous fulfilled ideas:
    - mint crops, mint ice cream,
    - shorting Townies in Town Hall (by townies type/ building)
    - collect reward button in Ready tab.
    - Reduced chicken goal in Valley from 250 to 100, makes the Valley more relaxing, less stressful.
    - etc

    Happy farming,
    Let the ideas keep flow

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    Hi. I totally agree, very good idea :-)

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