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Thread: End Training

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    End Training

    I think it would be helpful if there was a single button that would instantly delete the last quick train you just started. Sometimes I quick train a certain army then realize I want to go with another. I will start deleting all the heroes one at a time as fast as I can then do the same for spells. Sometimes I forget to delete spells and I end up with right troops but wrong spells or I am using a training potion and some troops or spells finish before I can catch them.

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    Agree, would come in handy at times. I too at times have accidently hit the wrong army comp, then had to quickly delete them individually.
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    Agree. I use train last army a lot. Annoying when I hit it after a war attack and have to delete everything to get back to my farming army
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    Been deleting a lot today!

    It's automatic for me to toggle "train last army"; a pain when I want to switch for today's LH event.

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