Neighborhood - “Over Yonder”

We are a new neighborhood and we are currently looking for Farmers to move in and join us in having fun while playing this relaxing yet incredibly entertaining game known as HAY DAY.

Accepting both casual and active Farmer alike. If you are a casual Farmer that checks in from time to time during the day, or an active Farmer that cannot seem to put this game down and is always online like me, you will be welcomed in “Over Yonder“.


  1. Absolutely NO BULLYING!!

    Please be respectful of others

    The neighborhood language is ENGLISH

    No “BOTS” allowed

    Keep the foul language to a minimum

    Hitting, Kicking, slapping and mentally abusing your Chickens, Cows, Dogs, Cats or other animals is not allowed


    Play at your own pace. Do not feel pressured to complete all tasks on the first day. This is a game. Have fun

    If you are able to help/assist others, please do so. We are in it as a team.


    Let’s have some FUN. Chat about anything and everything. Relax, Chill, joke, farm, help, laugh.

    Look me up and send me a friend request (Lazy Day Ranch -RealMikeBowers - #PPVUJRVY2)

    All Levels Accepted, Wanted, Needed and Welcomed

    Neighborhood Name is “OVER YONDER”

    Hope to see you there soon!