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Thread: How much data does clash use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Champion5556 View Post
    Yes agree with legend..he is play a whole day
    Then coc only takes 14 to 15 mb.
    Again I agree with you on agreeing with legend.

    You both are right.


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    For me, in the last 30 days, it used 647MB. I have six accounts overall, and actively play two. Maybe account switching uses more data.

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    Holy moly, 8,7gb here 😂 thought when I checked last zeroing time it was july 2015. Actually that wont zero even when changing phone 😮

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    I have used 30 MB in a week, it has never been using a lot of data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Be A Legend View Post
    Clash takes almost no data. You could play half an hour with just 1 Mb. Don't mind about your data when you are playing clash😉
    We pay by the gig. My wife uses more with her facebooking than my clashing. I have more accounts than the SCID limit.

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    My data usage last month was 388 MB, and i believe i play alot, few hours a day

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    I have a 1gb data plan and clash uses very little data. I could play only on data all month and be fine.

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    It is incredible how it does this! Does anyone know why?
    The Phantoms are Coming 👻

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    I play on two accounts, one of which is being utilized in a way that I am not allowed to discuss because of the forum rules. SO, on my app usage that is calculated by Google Fi I've got:

    Youtube - 5.78gb (yes, if you rode the bus everyday to work you'd spend 6gb on YT)
    Mobile Tethering - 1.78gb
    Chrome - 1.52gb
    Facebook - 0.89gb
    and way down the list we've got Clash of Clans dropping a WHOPPING 90 megabytes (0.08gb) rounded up. For two accounts. Your data usage is safe with CoC. Even my Gmail app uses more than CoC and I have two accounts!

    EDIT: I just realized that the app I use to see when my bus is arriving actually uses nearly as much data (0.06gb) as CoC and I only open it for a few minutes a day, not HOURS. Thats really surprising to be honest. Compared to the new CoD BR game that I play semi-frequently but nowhere near how often i play CoC we are talking quadruple the data usage for like 9 hours of in-game play time. (just using that game as a comparison for data usage)
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