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Thread: Editing Production Slots

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    Editing Production Slots

    It would be great if you could change what you have set up in production slots. Ex: you have 3 pumpkin pies waiting for your pie oven but you bought those pies from someone's shop and now your needs have changed.. Wouldn't it be nice to remove or edit those pumpkin pies into apple, feta pies, etc. as needed? But on all the production machines! It happens to me all the time; I'll set up "X amount" of items to be made and I'll end up finding what I needed in shops, through Tom, or requests. It's not everytime I get that lucky but when I do its annoying having to wait for irrelevant items to be made and I wish there was a way to change that. Thanks for reading ✌🏼️

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    This is all my peronal opinion but I think it's important.

    Unfortunately that is the point of the game; resource management. It's a bummer when you've loaded 4 apple pies onto a machine then realise your next boat is for feta pie instead. But then you have to figure out how to deal with the consequences- eg. neighbourhood requests, look for feta pie in the newspaper, ask for help to fill your boat order etc.

    The fact we can't edit production slots adds more challenge to an already very complex game and encourages planning to maximise production. Supercell will probably never add this feature. It's like when people ask for a tool shed, it probably will never happen because it defeats the point of the resource management part of the game.

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    I agree with GallfreyFalls

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