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Thread: Valley question

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    Valley question for 2 person neighborhood and chickens

    If your neighborhood has only 2 players will we still need 100 chickens to get top prizes?
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    Hi, you will find a lot of Valley info here:

    Meonhoc graciously began this sticky thread and it has been very helpful to our NH.

    In short, yes you still need to get 100 chickens to get the special prizes. However, your Valley is made up of other NHs and possibly solo players. And although there is no way for you to communicate with the other players, you should be able to reach that goal.

    As you look around the Valley you will see other trucks. Some will have a green ‘pin’, those are your neighbors, and others will have a yellow or gold ‘pin’. Those are players from other NHs. So please try to not to let your small NH dissuade you from playing in the Valley.
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    Thank you very much!!

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