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Thread: TH 10 Looking for a Christian Clan

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    TH 10 Looking for a Christian Clan

    Looking for an active Christian clan, clean chat. I'm a level 124, almost done with TH 10.

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    Death b4 Defeat Level 16 Clan Tag#G22V9QC8. Adults War Clan/CWL/Max CG. Champions League III. We are primarily USA based plus some International. Highly active. We're Fairplay clan. No Kids. No Drama. No pressure to 3*. Fun and relaxing environment but yet competitive during war. War back to back with option to opt out. No app to download but we do have discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Nhi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great

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    Yahweh's Elite | Christian clan | lvl 5

    We war often, but we are pretty chill. No pressure to have to chat often (we understand we have lives outside this game). We are a friendly clan looking for people who are not dramatic. We currently have 12 members as we just rebooted an old clan. Come check us out!

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    We are an English speaking clan. There is no specified religion, but clan chat is clean, and friendly/positive. Looking for more members to max our clan games... we always have so far. Feel free to check us out. Clan tag #RVPULLGY. Clan name warriors

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    We are not specifically Christian but I am a Christian. We do have an extremely clean chat(if they cuss the get booted) We are also friendly and pretty chill. For more info see thread here:

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    Hi. We are not specifically a Christian clan, but require clean chat for a family friendly environment. We are level 13. War once a week on sat. Active in CWL and clan games. Most of our players are very active and have multiple accounts. We have 3 almost 4 th12s. Come check us out!

    We are currently recruiting non-rushed th8 and up (no engineered bases, .5s are fine) for our family friendly lvl 13 clan. L/b2knights #808RRQ0P. Family friendly players only. No foul language. This does not mean we are a clan of kids. We have a couple kids that play occasionally but are mostly all adults that do not want to see adult language/issues in chat. My sisters and I created this clan so that we could have a safe environment for our kids. Now that they donít play much, we still enjoy our family friendly clan.

    We will not accept new players during war. If you would like to join our clan, put in request that you found us in the forum or we may reject assuming you are a hopper. Thanks, Grumpy

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