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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgson View Post
    I'm fine with ties working as they currently do. Today I had a fairly poor attack and we tied at 54%. Meh, I was expecting a loss. I would be fine though, with both sides gaining trophies (but no loot) for 100%-100% ties. If they are getting that, they probably aren't in the right trophy range anyway and it seems like perfection should lead to something positive.
    Seems like a loophole to me. What happen is people will create dummy base design that can be easier to triple in order to get 100% for both sides and both parties gain trophies. I know it's hard to predict who you will get matched with, but it's pretty easy if you have multiple accounts to get the timing right, top spot in Builder Base will no longer be skill based, but whoever got the most accounts and 100% draw.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaledonian View Post
    Good points rowman. You hit the nail on the head when you referred to the competitive environment.

    To my mind, ties should only be broken either by some sort of continuation, or a rematch. Anything else just doesn't seem fair.
    Good point Kaledonian, agreed fully.

    If there really need to be a tie breaker, then a 2nd match seems to be the best option. Not sure if that's what people would have wanted (since they want to get out of battle as fast as possible, not another battle).

    But the rematch idea seems fun and I would love it to get implemented.
    Say you get a draw from Versus Battle, both parties then decide to get a rematch within 10 seconds, both must agree to it (there is possibility of player log off after an attack without waiting for result, then rematch is cancelled).

    In the rematch few rules to make it fun:
    1. both must use different base layouts saved and pre-selected
    2. scout time of 1 minute removed, but you can still change your army before you deploy any troops
    3. attack time remained at 3 minutes so that strategy for any slower troops still usable
    4. there is no tiebreaker if it's another draw

    I don't see any harm to it, if you really want to get out of Builder Base fast and you get a draw against players that use Sneaky Archer, just don't accept the rematch option so that you won't have to wait another 3 minutes.
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    We already have a simple tie breaker that doesn't introduce complexity, preference of certain armies or loop holes into the game.

    The cost, however is, that SOMETIMES, both sides of a battle need to wait a few minutes to fight again.

    On the plus side, those two waiting parties are more likely to spend gems, to fight again faster, because impatient people are more likely to spend gems.

    So ... there is no negative side (for SuperCell) in the current system and THAT is why there is no reason to change it.


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