Dear Supercell game developers,

You have created one of the most popular strategy games which relies on minimal player interaction during actual attacks. Players are only able to control the placements and timing of troops and spells deployments, and are unable to directly control troops on the battlefield. This idea makes planning such as funneling and predicting AI pathing play a very important role in the whole game; and, when planned and executed correctly, the army will do its jobs.

That is all fine, until the troops with more complicated AI come along, like wall breakers and healers. The wall breaker AI change several years ago was a success, while the healer AI "improvement" was still debatable to some people.

Those two aside and above all troops stands the Grand Warden. He plays, hands down, the most important role on offense for TH11 and 12. He should, at least according the game, follows the largest group of your army with his buffing aura and attacks the target that the troops he's buffing are attacking. When in reality his AI seems to be arbitrary.

Player often find him wandering off to the side when his aura radius is clearly big enough to cover all troops.
charging courageously forward into enemy fire when ally troops are struggling to catch up to him.
slowing attacking hordes of ground skeletons or the barbarian king that the balloons have no business with.
when you actually want him to do the 3 things listed above, he does the opposite.

I will remind the readers again that Clash of Clans is a strategy game a lot of players take quite seriously on the strategic aspect, and the developers intend the game to be this way (can be seen through the general direction of patch notes.) unless I am seriously misunderstood.

We cannot work with such arbitrary AI. It is impossible to plan anything when the AI constantly throws wrenches at you. RNGs in games can be fun, but definitely NOT in this case.

I know programming such AI requires much hard work, and you have tried more than once in the past. However those are not good enough excuses to have a sub-par result or to stop trying. Please look into the issue ASAP.

a long time player,

PS. I might've posted this on the wrong sub-forum, kindly remind me if that is the case.