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    Got ours within 10 Minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken1374 View Post
    I noticed the delay also kept our clan from moving up to level 10 until the war was over, despite having reached the number of points after the 5th or 6th day of CWL.
    One of my accounts levelled up during a war attack last cwl.. It happened mid way thru an attack, with the new level emblazoned on the screen, preventing me from seeing what was happening..
    Count yourself lucky.. I would have much preferred your version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Normally the delay in Medals is due to other Clans still wrapping up their own matches. However, the longer delays are in fact a very complex series of bugs, and not just due to a single issue. We've able to identify and patch many of them but there are still a few that are lurking in the code yet to be identified.

    Generally software bugs are dealt with by how they are prioritized. Usually from Minor to High to Major to Blocker. Minor being small graphical issues that are noticeable on occasion but do not prevent players from playing the game. Major bugs are things that can cause problems. Blockers are bugs that are found in development that would block an update from being released.

    Some of these CWL bugs probably fill the range of minor to moderate. Players will still receive their Medals, so it wouldn't be considered Major or Blocker.

    However, that doesn't mean we simply let those bugs sit idly. When we do identify them, they're generally fixed pretty quickly.
    I appreciate this transparent explanation of how bugs are prioritized.

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