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Thread: Stop badging envelope icon for legend attacks

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    Stop badging envelope icon for legend attacks

    Is there any chance that it could be considered not badging the envelope icon after doing an attack in legends league? Itís a bit irritating that after a short period of time after doing an attack that the little red dot appears, thinking that I have a defense to watch but itís for my own attack. I donít need to be notified when I do an attack. Does anyone else find this a bit annoying? I know thereís quite a few more important QOL changes that could be implemented, but Iím hoping this could be put somewhere on the list!

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    Yes, I find it annoying as well.
    I do an attack and then it has a "1" on the envelope icon. I've never understood why I need a notification that I just attacked.
    It is the same for defenses: if I'm on the game and see I'm being attacked I usually watch it.
    I log off, a bit later come back and see a "1" on the envelope and it was the attack against ne that I watched.
    I'm in legends too.
    I also notice this with clan mail: I'll send a mail out for war strat, do an attack, etc. Log off for a bit, come back and there is the notice for the mail that I sent and already read.
    Not sure why I need a notification for a mail that I wrote and very redundant.

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    Yeah itís annoying and unnecessary. Hope they remove that.

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