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    Ban Due To Sharing Of Accounts

    My Brother's id was banned because he shared accounts with me. I saw that sharing accounts is against the rules and regulations of the game but still dont you think if the owner is willing to share his id then who are you to stop him. You can give him a warning that if his id gets stolen or hacked then you will not help him. But I think sharing accounts is all good. We just did it for troops. When No one was online i get into his account for taking troops. Neither he nor i have a problem then why should he get banned. He invested 70,000 INR in the game and this is what he gets ? A ban for sharing id with his own brother who lives with him in the same house..Nice Work Supercell

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    Personally, I think the prohibition against sharing accounts is perfectly legitimate and far from unprecedented. You can't go to a mountain, ski all day until you're tired, and then hand your lift pass off to your brother to do the same. You can't pay for an all-you-can-eat buffet, gorge yourself until you're stuffed and then let your brother go through for the same price and gorge himself, too. Nor can you buy a theme park pass, movie theater ticket, concert ticket, Broadway show ticket, or a ticket for most any other event and let your brother do the same for the cost of one person. I don't see prohibiting people from sharing their accounts from being any different.

    However, I also tend to doubt that you or your brother were banned simply for playing the same account. Game bans are usually for any nefarious activities performed during the use of the account, or an attempt to claim account ownership when a player is not the legitimate sole owner of the account. However, since discussion of bans are prohibited on the forum, this thread wasn't posted to a proper forum, nor does it even identify the game or whether it is covered by this forum, there's no use belaboring the point. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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