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Thread: Special Obstacle Refund?

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    Special Obstacle Refund?

    I've accidentally removed one of my special obstacles (the Spike-Y Cactus) and there was no way for me to stop the process since the WiFi bar appeared and I couldn't do anything. When the game reloaded, my Cactus was gone and I'll never know what I got as a little reward (gems, gold...), and I only had one of them. It would be awesome to have a "Special Obstacle Refund" option in the game as this has happened too many times (not only to me). Obviously the player (and/or me) has to pay off a little gold/elixir to get back the obstacle (in exchange)

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    It'd be too much work and possibly be abused.
    I say no

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    Nope. 0 degrees C. Winter it is.
    I don’t think special obstacles other than the gem boxes ever reward gems.

    Usually it’s gold or elixir (often 75,000?) and it’s probably recorded somewhere, as to what the reward was for each if you really need to know.

    Might be in a wiki, or it’s scattered throughout some forum threads here. There’s always a “special obstacle thread”. Might want to check Tull’s profile page in latest started threads?

    As for getting them back or having them offered again, it’s been discussed many times and generally the consensus is a resounding no.

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