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Thread: Add Holiday Decor Purchases Thru Maggie

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    Add Holiday Decor Purchases Thru Maggie

    Decorating the house exterior is popular in my country especially for Christmas and some with Halloween decorations. I would like to suggest adding an extra tab in the Maggie menu for holiday decorations the house, shop and truck.

    some radical ideas below
    Halloween House....
    That haunted house look with, goblin in the window, Dracula, bats, spider webs, gargoyles etc.
    Adding animated motions might be a plus if it does not add much to app processing or space requirements.
    The truck can have crossbones for wheel spokes. Hood be a spooky goblin appearance with head lamps looking like glowing eyes. Black smoke pour from back of truck when it is in motion even with an occasional flaming backfire. Truck body visibility can even fade in and out like a ghost when it is in motion or change colors back and forth such as black to translucent green.

    Christmas House...
    Decorate with the typical to the holiday. But a fancy decoration be a motion light system that has flashing and sequential streaming lights that illuminate in rhythm with a short audio music clip like the high tech displays of modern times. A single tap on the house by the farm owner or a visiting player would activate the short time motion. A double tap on the house would display the current achievements menu.

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    Beyond holiday-specific decorations, I would like to see seasonal options for the farmhouse and also for the truck and road stand. Fall and winter last a lot longer than just the celebrations around Halloween and Christmas.

    The concept of the harvest season is central to farming world wide. (I’m not talking about the North American Thanksgiving.) we have almost no decor celebrating the harvest. Corn stalks, pumpkins (not jack-o-lanterns) and piles of leaves by the house and shop would make me hire Maggie.

    There should be snow-covered roof options for the house and shop during the winter. There should also be snow/ice yard and shop base decor.

    Here’s a link to another recent thread on this topic:
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