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    Hi folks,

    It is very annoying that if you will complete/change/improve a sentence in a message in one of the 5 you can place in Neihborhood Notification, that you have to remove the whole sentence and make a whole new one, it takes a lot of time. And you cannot copy/cut and past. It would be great if you can change that. I would be very happy.

    Kind regards

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    Thanks for posting about this....

    I understand what you are saying. The inhibition of not being able to insert into a sentence when editing it for purpose of modification or correction. You have to delete whatever is after that location in the sentence or paragraph, make the correction, then type all of it back in... that is if you can remember what was there.

    This inhibition is also present in the Neighborhood header, info/extra info areas.

    I also feel that it can be improved.

    Some of years ago the chat was greatly improved to allow insert, copy, paste function.
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