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Thread: Good Vibes Only #PQR2G8OJ

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    Good Vibes Only #PQR2G8OJ

    Good Vibes Only
    Now Recruiting #PQR2G8OJ

    • We are an active, helpful, friendly hood of Champions League players starting fresh who seeks competitive drama free players.

    - Level 30 or below derby is optional.

    - Experienced derby players lead and teach lower levels (know stacking/what tasks to take, blossom)

    - Can do tasks @320 or 310 for power derby

    - Special derby's we require 320/400 point tasks if opted in.

    - Who are willing to do all types of tasks, making it fair game play.

    - Must be active players (vacations acceptable)

    • We ask hoodies to complete all nine tasks, if opted into derby.(10th mandatory only if needed for top 3)

    • Our main focus for derbies are just to acquire all the horseshoe prizes.

    • We don't chase the leader board scores

    • We are a helpful hood, but advertise all help needed except waters.

    • Continually asking or begging for items won't be tolerated.

    • We want to win and chat, thanking is great but not obsessive.

    •We don't restrict the use of the birdhouse, you can request items you need for derby/general farming.

    • So if you want to be in a hood where it's relaxed, friendly and a helpful place to be, then come join us.

    • We are an invite only neighborhood so if you like what you see and would like to join us then come on in.

    • We also welcome guests into our server. Our emblem is a teal circle with a grey bat.
    - English speaking hood.

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    Good vibes only

    Bump 🐎🐎🐎 we're ready for derby

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