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    For those who do not play Hay Day here are the original characters that inspired my costumes.

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    Is video entry allowed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoomanSA View Post
    Sadly we wouldn't get our rewards in iran .

    But goodluck everyone in the contest
    Awww! You might win gems! You could get those!

    Quote Originally Posted by Adrian"TheRanger"Malhiers View Post
    I would love to participate in it but unfortunately Halloween isn't celebrated here and there is no way I can get a costume for the competition.
    There is no need for anyone to buy a costume. You can use any old thing laying around your house if it resembles something in the game. A blanket or wrapping paper or sticks and rocks found outside. So many possibilities! Look at the other entries. You do not have to dress up yourself. Just have fun with it!

    Quote Originally Posted by FairieFae View Post
    These are so great! Hmm. I gotta think of something I can do. Thanks everyone who has participated so far. I love the creativity.

    Question - do we have to have our hand in the picture or we can have our game in the photo instead? Sorry I was not clear on that rule.

    I do not play Clash of Clans so I was looking up the characters and found a real life Voo Doo Witch Costume based on the character that someone made. It looks pretty awesome. I also found a cosplay of her, which also looks really amazing.
    You can definitely include your game in the picture if that is easier for you. Nice entries!

    Quote Originally Posted by hardikpethani112 View Post
    Is video entry allowed?
    Sure. I don’t see why not. Just keep it short and to the point.

    Oh my holy wow, everyone!!! I don’t know what I was expecting but you all sure exceeded it so far!! It’s going to be so hard to choose! Thanx to all of you who have participated so far! It means a lot to me that you took the time to do that!

    Some of you who have entered do not have a reference picture of what you are representing. It doesn’t disqualify your entry, but it makes it more fun when everyone can see the comparison. Can you please go back and add in a photo of what it is in your game? I can help if you need me to. Send me a pm if you want.

    Still have plenty of time to come up with something! You guys make this so much fun!

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    Just added small animation of fire ball...can see in my google link posted above somewhere on page 3
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