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Thread: Looking for new nh

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    Looking for new nh

    My wife and I are looking for a UK based n. hood, in champions league. As the current one is mostly from the USA and are not on at the same time due to the time zone. We both take derby tasks over 300 and complete all task every week

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    Hi Bill what level are you both and which leguae you both play?

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    Are you the addict we are looking for?

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    hi I am the leader of a uk group that is friendly and on and off we chat. We try to get all derby tasks done but there is no pressure as itís only a game thatís there to be enjoyed. I trash all tasks under 250 apart from when in champions league as try to not lose the team points. Your more than welcome to give us a go. #9L090Y0V group is called funhouse

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    Hi, can you do 10x320/400? If so you are very welcome to join! Ripley's farm #PQ9PUQQY
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    My neighborhood is both international and USA. We are high level members winning the gold every week and will be soon in Champion League. We are friendly, chatty, derby strong players. We help each other to finish the tasks until the derby ends. We would love to have you in our hood. Maybe you have joined a new neighborhood but if not, please join us and give us a try. We won’t disappoint. You can find us at PQLYQUGJ. ��

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