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Thread: Advice for TH 10 CWL attack

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    Red face Advice for TH 10 CWL attack

    I'm ashamed to say I have become a bit lazy with my TH10, and have been able to rely on bowitch/frozen witch to get by.

    Any advice on how to approach this base? I suspect kill squad laloon/hogs will be suggested, but I can't decide how best to approach. I am not experienced in queen charge yet..

    My troops/heroes are max for TH10

    Any advice much appreciated
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    Approach I

    Yes you are right , I would use kill squad hog attack
    PHASE 1
    - Entry from 12 0 clock
    Funneling troops {Babydragon + Loons}
    use 1 cocoloon each first to test for SAM's before deploying babydragon
    - Funnel with
    Kill squad {WW+ Hero + 3-5 bowlers}
    After funneling deploy your kill squad
    Kill squad objective
    - Take down queen and cc
    Spell used in phase 1
    Rage + Poison

    PHASE 2
    - After our initial objective is achieved drop hogs from 3 0 clock
    - Use heal spell near splash damage and potential giant bomb

    Approach II

    - You can follow one more approach ,
    - Were I would be using
    golem(2) to tank ; wiz to clear the buildings then deploy ww+ hero , after this you can follow my instructions mentioned above [PHASE 1 and PHASE 2]

    Good luck! hope I am not too late

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    Thanks TerMinus!

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