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Thread: Looking for a new home - Level 61

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    Looking for a new home - Level 61

    Level 61 in search of a new, derby focused, medium to large neighborhood.

    My ideal neighborhood would have:
    -320 and up task requirement
    -Completion of available task requirement
    -**Extra task optional**
    -Strategy for special derbies (i.e. Blossom derby)
    -Not focused on Valley
    -Work together
    -Mostly comprised of US English speakers that communicate outside of Hay Day (better communication than chat)

    About me
    -Complete all my tasks and take the extra task if I have the diamonds.
    -Save all watering for neighbors working help tasks.
    -Able to stack if it's needed.
    -Usually max out patio donations if I have what is being requested.
    -Always offer products to neighbors before putting them in RSS (unless selling due to low coins).
    -Always sell to neighbors for 1 coin.
    -Help with boat, truck, and town orders if needed for a task.
    -Always keep, Tom, Rose, and Ernest to help keep my products stocked.
    -Play every day and check in several times a day.
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    New Adult neighbourhood- Farm frenzy!

    A place for the adults and farm lovers who are looking for a relaxed place to play in their own style, chit chat and help eachother.

    Current members count: 5
    As you know good thing takes time!

    Derbies: 320 tasks preferred, if opted in. 🙂

    Nothing like rules, but please respect eachother and use "Please and Thanks" where possible.🙂


    Requirement: Adult, farm level 35+. No hoppers!
    Roles comes with responsibilities, promotion will be given depends on performance.
    Play for fun!
    If the above suits you feel free to send a request!

    For any details kik: Bhuvan1406

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    Hi Buttercup. If you haven’t found a hood yet then why not give us a go. We are adult (most of the time), mainly female, English speaking and committed to the derby. That doesn’t mean you have to opt in every week but if you play then it’s 320/400 and the extra task. We work together, are helpful and can be very chatty but it’s usually quiet once we finish the derby.
    Dont have a lot of rules, just the usual ones about saying ‘hi’ being polite etc. We like to help with boats but ask that you run an ad as well - helps to share the pain.

    We use Messenger group for game info (comes in handy for Blossom Derbys when we chose our tasks carefully and communicate) but it’s akso for a bit of social stuff as well.

    Our joining level is usually 80 but we can lower it for the ‘right’ person and you sound like a good fit.

    Send me a message if you want more info
    Clover ’Girls' 19 adult, male & female, English speaking players from around the world. 100+ cups in Champ League. Ten tasks @320/400 or opt out.
    Level 85 please.
    Look for white dog, pink heart (or the red bat if it’s Halloween #2GPVQCVC

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    Neighborhood found! Thanks for the replies.

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    We have openings for new neighbors. We have a good range of members from level 40 to 90. We are friendly and helpful. Our group is No drama and clean cut. If you want a relaxed environment and enjoy playing the derby. We are working towards getting more derby action. Derby participation requires a minimum 1/2 of the available tasks or you may opt. Our elder members usually complete all tasks available. If some one helps you, help them back when you can. Then the only other rule is to treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Check out “THE NEW BUSY BEES” or look us up at # 9VYYLLPR. Look for the red fox in a round blue logo. I look forward to greeting you

    Ms. Bee

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    My neighborhood sounds exactly what you are looking for. We are derby strong taking only 320-400 tasks, play as a team and help each other finish their tasks. We are also focused on the town. My neighborhood is 2 weeks old with 10 members. We have won the gold trophy 2 weeks in a row. Using diamonds is up to the discretion of the member. You will never be asked to spend any diamonds to take an extra task.

    The level to join is 60, however our members range in the 90’s - 100’s level.

    Please join us at The Walking Chickens Tag #PQLYQUGJ and give us try. We are waiting to Welcome you.

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