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Thread: What is coco loons?

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    What is coco loons?

    I keep seeing this term thrown around and I do not know what it is.

    Besides this one, are there any new attack terms that have flourished in the last year?

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    A coco loon is one dropped near your queen walk to try to sweep air mines.
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    A balloon thrown in to test for SAM's or air bombs before dropping healers to support a queen walk. Drops like a coconut almost immediately.
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    Not just for your Queen's healers. You can use a coco loon any time you are dropping an expensive or important air troop.

    For example I often use an e-drag to funnel. He's worth 30 housing space and he's vital to the success of my attack, so he gets his very own coco loon.

    @PapaTroll, thanks for the explanation about 'dropping like a coconut' - I never know the reason for 'coco' and this makes sense now !

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