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Thread: Anglo Saxons recruiting active adult loyal members

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    Anglo Saxons recruiting active UK members

    we are a UK based clan with a core of loyal and active players who are mostly around in the evenings
    we always complete clan games war 2 to 3 times a week and do cwl
    We try and put members in war who have opted in
    If any Hero's are upgrading please opt out
    Max troops put in cc
    If you opt in war you must use both attacks
    We will not judge you in war just try your best
    Elder and Co's have to be earned
    We are in crystal league 2 in cwl

    What we need
    You must speak English
    We are looking for UK based players th10 11 and 12 active players
    no rushed bases
    Adult players
    Heros up to a good standard for your base
    Want to give us a go
    Make sure you say Dan sent you
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    I'm back in

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    Back on the game

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    how can I join? iím max TH10 except walls and heroís which iím upgrading rn. lvl 37 archer lvl 25 barb. Iím very active every day

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    Use the code under where it say dan sent you
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    Only 3 places keft

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    Only 2 places left

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