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Thread: looking for a non derby friendly nigberhood

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    looking for a non derby friendly nigberhood

    Player level 114 coming back to hay day looking for a non derby friendly nigberhood

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    New Adult neighbourhood- Farm frenzy!

    Derby optional only

    A place for the adults and farm lovers who are looking for a relaxed place to play in their own style, chit chat and help eachother.

    Current members count: 5
    As you know good thing takes time!

    Derbies: 320 tasks preferred, if opted in. 🙂

    Nothing like rules, but please respect eachother and use "Please and Thanks" where possible.🙂


    Requirement: Adult, farm level 35+. No hoppers!
    Roles comes with responsibilities, promotion will be given depends on performance.
    Play for fun!
    If the above suits you feel free to send a request!

    For any details kik: Bhuvan1406

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    ������THE DAIRY������Competitive derby players to join our championship league hood who race for gold.��
    You will have to be willing to do the derby and complete all tasks and help others.

    If you would like to join us please request to join our group chat or message me directly from the links below.

    �� Requirements ��
    * Complete all derby tasks at 320+ points (10th task is optional)
    * Minimum level of 80
    * Fluent English Speaking
    * 18yrs or older
    * Elder on joining

    �� TO JOIN ��
    The Dairy
    Group Chat》
    or Message me directly please 》
    🌼Mrs B🐝

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    WhosvilleAcres is looking a couple of members to join our neighborhood. We are an established group with active players that participate in derby and help with expansion. We ask that you do 9 tasks x 310 if you are in derby or a total of 2790 points. Derby is not mandatory but you must opt out if you do not wish to participate. The 10th task is not required. Members need to be active in chat, friendly and helpful. Level 50 is required. We are an International English speaking group. We have 67 gold trophies and are in Champion League. Come stop by for a visit. 2VOVV8C2
    Level 146
    Tag PV2PLJUL

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