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    [Exclusive Drip] #28LQ8CGYQ

    We are Exclusive Drip, currently level 6. We are looking for TH9+ Non-Rushed. Whether you want to war or just do clan games or do everything we do it all.

    We are primarily a war clan, warring twice a week typically with a break before and after CWL. We have People that can donate max troops and siege. Outside of war, we encourage anyone to donate unless someone specifies that they want a certain level of troop. Our current war record is 22 - 10 with our CWL league being Gold II.

    We have 4 main rules in Exclusive Drip:

    1. Use your first war attack on your mirror and your 2nd attack for clean up. If you don’t use both attacks, you are benched for the next war.
    2. Be an active and worthwhile clan member
    3. Get AT LEAST 2000 Clan Games points, leeching is NOT OK
    4. Donate what is requested if it is specific

    We are a friendly clan that is willing to share our knowledge of the game whether it’s in the form of strategies, advice, or simply ways to make Clash more convenient. We’d love to welcome any new members who are willing to grow with us. We also have a Discord that you can join using the link: If you’re interested, let us know in your request that you’re from the forums.
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