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Thread: New cost for some Wall Levels

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    New cost for some Wall Levels

    Level of Wall Old Cost New Cost
    4 300,000 400,000
    7 2,000,000 1,600,000
    8 3,000,000 2,400,000
    9 4,000,000 3,200,000

    These discounts to Walls is to ensure that Wall Rings in the Builder Base are worth 400,000 Builder Gold. Wall Rings cost will not change

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    The number of Rings required is independent of resource cost.

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    People will still be confused about the wall prices, when they are on Gold Pass and upgrading a wall segment with Wall Rings doesn't change.

    Maybe, just maybe SuperCell have thought about this and want to encourage people to use the wall rings on the "best levels"?

    A Wall Ring isn't worth 400K .. it's worth 1 Wall Ring. Upgrading some wall levels happen to give a discount of 400K per wall ring used, but that amount changes if Gold Pass is active.

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    As of right now, a wall ring's value in terms of loot increases as the levels of walls go up:

    L4 and below: wall ring worth 300k or less
    L5-6: worth 400k each
    L7-9: worth 500k each

    It makes sense that the wall ring should increase in value. That's also what it does in the home village up until each ring is worth 1mil.

    Sounds like you're just trying to make BB walls cheaper when paying with G or E (except L4). If that's what you want, just ask for it rather than trying to justify it through manipulating wall ring values.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaledonian View Post
    The number of Rings required is independent of resource cost.
    I agree with this, in fact, all required magical items is irrelevant to the cost of upgrades.
    If it is, then all Heroes upgrade should cost the same since we always need 1 Hammer of Heroes to upgrade it.

    The upgrade cost is set by SC, asking SC to change it based on required magical items just doesn't make any sense to me. Fyi, I always use the wall rings for BB walls upgrade level 7-9 since that's where you get the value out of wall rings the most. The same can be said for other magical items, find the most value and use it.

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