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Thread: Growing Clan called Scrubs looking for active players for Social/War!

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    Wink Growing Clan called Scrubs looking for active players for Social/War! #22VPQJPQY

    • Clan Name: Scrubs
    • Clan Tag: #22VPQJPQY
    • Clan Level: 1
    • Clan Type: Social / War
    • Clan Members: 14
    • Clan Entry Requirements: We're looking for active players with TH5+ level to help grow the clan, use Clan War attacks and take part in Clan Games!
    • Additional info: Scrubs is a relatively new clan formed by a group of friends looking to grow the clan and gain some cool members. The members in our clan range from casual low level players to competitive high level players, with contribution and activeness being a way of receiving a higher rank! We are currently looking to recruit as many people as possible to be able to start competing in clan wars on a weekly basis and CWL, but as well as to grow the clan and create a nice community to be in.

    In need of strong, high level players if we are to eventually compete in the Clan War League. Joining at an early stage will ensure you are apart of this clan growth with possible ranks to be given!!

    We will eventually be setting up a place of communication for clan members to chat and for events to be organised much easier. This platform will be between Discord, Whatsapp or Facebook.
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