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Thread: Nice Try?

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    I find it hard to believe that someone would think that 15 accounts TH8 and below could score 27 stars in Crystal 1.
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    Quite dirty but interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaledonian View Post
    I don't see anything other than a 2nd string coming in for war attacks, then going home for better donations. No strategy, dirty war nor anything else underhand.
    Agree! +1

    They are probably just living within the CWL constraints ...

    Hey clan, we have an issue. There are 45 of us, yet CWL is 30v30. So what if we set up some alt accounts, and a feeder clan. Each CWL, 15 of us jump over there for CWL enrollment. Each CWL war day, those 15 jump over there together to do attacks, feed each other max troops, then return here until next war day

    That too would explain why all attacks are quickly, in tandem, over a short duration. You do your attacks, and fill next day's CC, while the others are there to "feed you".
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    They also could just be running CWL in one clan and regular wars in another

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    It doesnt sound like a scam attempt or w/e.. they probably just using the clan for cwl and keep regular war on main clan. Maybe they just dont care about it so just rush their attack and head back to main clan..
    Anyways i wouldn't choose my line up according to enemy clan members cause it tells nothing..

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    Like others have mentioned.....this is not dirty or trying to "con" anyone. There are a few reasonable reasons for this.

    1. They are part of a larger better clan that has to split for CWL. (our clan does this....but for our TH11s and TH10s...which are our 2/3/4th accounts).

    2. They are in a regular war in another clan. I haven't tested/tried this as we are doing CWL with both of our clans, but don't know if the war timer would prevent this.

    3. These are all owned by a few people (maybe even 1 person). It helps donations if you are all in the same clan with your main accounts. For example, I have 3 (TH12, TH12, TH10), I either bounce my main TH12 around between clans to donate as needed. If I was doing a CWL in one and a regular in another....I would move all 3 accounts the attacks...then move all 3 back. Exactly what you are seeing here.

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    To all of those saying that they're either "2nd string" or "just running cwl here and regular war in another clan", etc. one or all of these are most likely true. However, what piqued my curiosity is the fact that the show up right at the start, bang out 15 attacks in 30 min (one every 2 min) and quickly vacate the clan.

    Now if I'm in a clan doing CWL and doing regular war in the other clan, I'm most likely going to do my attack in CWL at my leisure. Could be right away, could be with 4 hrs left. I can always jump back to the other clan for cc troops but I'm going to at least take some time studying the base I'm hitting. The "bang bang" in and out part is why I suspect this.

    But you're right, could be completely innocent too.
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